Friday, December 01, 2006

High School, Inc.

The Detroit Metrotimes reports of Compuware running a program called Hustle & TechKnow, a corporate educational academy aimed to educate Detroit high school dropout teens. The program completes their high school education as well as serving as a trade school for corporate life- teaching etiquette, computer skills, and how to function in the business world.

There are many topics in the article that merit discussion and praise. I think the marketing is exemplary because you can’t teach them anything until you get them in the door. Ever tried to convince a dropout to go back to school? It’s tough.

Miller met Principal Ida Byrd-Hill at the laundry while the financial-consultant-turned-educator recruited for the school. Byrd-Hill looked at gas stations, party stores and clubs for teens who had failed at several attempts at high school and needed one last chance at a diploma.

"We found them," Byrd-Hill says. "We passed out a flier that looked like a party invitation."

The school's brightly colored promotional material shows jets, cars and jewelry. "Learn corporate survival techniques," it boasts, "Trillions of dollars are exchanged daily." "Financial Success, built on knowledge" appears in a school crest. The message is not subtle: "Join the hustle," the flier says.

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  1. We live in a world of Marketing where a name determines your success. Half of our success i sconvencing students to register to go back to school. As we are beginning to place a few students into new jobs we are please with our school.